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    From: Jms at B5
 Subject: Re:Blacnight9
      To: AOL  
    Date: 12/2/1995 9:55:00 PM  

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Blacnight: okay, you've been hurt. Three words: deal with it, but
frankly, if you use this as a motivation to become just as racist in your
descriptions of caucasians then you have totally and utterly sacrificed the
high ground in the discussion.

Lemme explain something to you: I didn't come into the world with a
silver spoon. We were poor. I'm not talking poor lower case letters, I'm
talking POOR. We lived in houses without roofs, without heat in the winter,
always on the run from creditors. You know where poor folks live, Blacnight?
In the poor part of town, which was usually the ethnic part of town. Most of
my life I lived in areas that were mainly black, or hispanic, or puerto
rican. I lived in Newark just before the riots, as a kid, the only white kid
on the whole BLOCK. I've got class photos from schools as a kid, and you
look for row after row, and in the lines of brown and black faces, you find
one -- ONE -- white face. Mine. It ain't a case of "well, sure, some of my
friends were black," ALL of them were. Or Puerto Rican. Or Hispanic.

And at those schools, because I was always the new kid, I got the snot
beaten out of me on a regular basis. Usually by kids with skin color
different from my own. Because that's usually all there was in the
neighborhood. So I got hurt, I got beat up, constantly. Now, do I turn
around and say that all black/hispanic/puerto ricans are bad people? No.
Some were great, some were real jerks. Some helped me. Some hurt me. I
deal with it *without* coming up with sweeping generalizations about whole

For as long as you continue to make sweeping statements about caucasians
-- and you have not responded to one of the responses I made to you before on
this -- then you are every bit as racist and prejudiced as those you say you
are against. You come on, make one sweeping generalization, go away, then
come back with another. You don't listen, you just accuse and take the role
of angry victim. Well, fine, like I said, I've lost dear friends to people
of other colors than my own...but I don't turn around and blame the whole
group for the actions of a few.

If you're concerned about the well being of other african americans, let
me ask what you're doing positively about it? Working with inner city kids?
Neighborhood programs? What? Or are you content to just come on here and

African-americans and hispanics have *got* to be brought into the
mainstream of american political and economic life; we cannot long sustain a
disenfranchised class determined by ethnic background. That way lies madness
and destruction for all parties. On my show, I do as much as I can; on the
side, I tithe a goodly percentage of my income to charitable causes, AIDS
research, People For The American Way (which fights tyranny from the left and
the right in censorhship issues), and other causes. Because it ain't enough
to complain; you've got to go in and DO something. You talk the talk real
good; how're you fixed for walking the walk?


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