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    From: Jms at B5
 Subject: Who Works For Whom
      To: AOL  
    Date: 12/2/1995 9:33:00 PM  

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I post this here only because this was forwarded to me in private mail,
and if this utter and absolute lie is being circulated, best to quash it
right here and now.

The email comes originally from a certain individual on usenet who does
not merit his name being mentioned, and this is, as stated an absolute and
total and complete lie of the worst sort I have seen in a while. It concerns
my departure from rastb5, predicated in large part by actions taken by this
individual who is running like mad to find some other reason to attribute
this to. The relevant quote follows:

"And his retreat just happens to correspond to the introduction of the
new Babylon 5 area on AOL. And isn't it amazing how his "formal
termination" of his presence on this group is 30 November. Bet it
corresponds to his new contract on AOL which starts on 1 December, and
includes a clause regarding his participation on the Internet."

1) I have no contract whatsoever with AOL concerning my presence here.
2) I am not being paid one thin dime for my participation on AOL. 3) Not
only do I not receive anything for being here, I pay for my subscription here
just like everybody else on AOL, no freebie account, nothing.

There is no contract, and no cause in that contract. I'm happy to bring
my AOL bill to the next convention to prove this. (I think it was $80 last

It's this kind of lying behavior by a certain few demented individuals
that made my departure from rastb5 inevitable. This particular lie is made
more disgraceful by the fact that it is stated as cold fact, not speculation,
not rumor, but cold fact...and is utterly, 100% untrue.

If you folks have to pay to be here, then I'll pay to be here. (Though,
granted, I do have freebie accounts on GEnie and in one or two forums on

Sorry for the interruption; just felt this was necessary to nip in the
bud. As you were.


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