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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: ATTN JMS : today ?
    Date: 10/6/1995 8:36:00 AM  

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Jeez...I've already forgotten much of what I've done today, it goes
so fast, but....

Grabbed a few hours sleep (dropped at 3 a.m., a bit early for me
most days), came in for a production meeting, which is when we bring in
all the department heads and go over the script page by page one more time
before getting ready to shoot. Went over specifics on extras, types of
wardrobe we're going to need, monitor playback stuff, endless details.

Proofread the first issue of the B5 collector's magazine for error
and revisions (should be out shortly from Sendai). Made last minute
revisions to script for "Messages From Earth" prior to shooting. Viewed
dailies. Returned calls to Warners and others. Spoke with PR person about
series launch, getting copies of the first two year 3 eps to reviewers in
time for print deadlines. Finalized outline for my next script, title not
yet set. Lunch. Went over contracts for B5 fan club that have finally
come in, making revisions on a couple of points, hope to announce this
formally soon.

Jumped to script 10 and made some revisions I'd been thinking about
last night. Walked on set and spoke to the director, made sure the scene
was going right, also checked with Jason Carter on a few things. Took
care of some fan mail. Finalized casting on "Messages." Booked director
for the two-parter, Adam Nimoy, whose first ep for us is dynamite, and
checked on casting for several episodes down the road, to make sure the
actors would be available.

Made final changes to new main title, and met with Christopher Franke
to go over his first pass at the new music, made some suggestions, and
he'll get a new version to me over the weekend. Received and reviewed
director's cut of "Dust to Dust," in preparation for going in next week to
edit the producer's cut. Went over new costume designs for some cast
members with wardrobe, made final suggestions. Approved some new patches
for use down the road, and additional artwork for parts of the station.
Gave interview for article.

Called several actors to go over various things with them; met with
the director for "Messages" again to go over some possible new EFX; ditto
later with another EFX person. Got first draft of #10 "Severed Dreams"
out the door to WB/PTEN.

Approved casting breakdown so it could go out to casting agencies for
#9, "Point of No Return."

That's it for so far today; it's now 4:00 straight up, and I've still
got another 3 and a half hours to go (I generally leave the studio about
7:30 p.m., go home, grab a fast bite, and get to writing.) Oh, yeah, and
took a moment to log on (big cluster of new messages finally, about 500 or
so), and plow through some of them, including the one to which this is a


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