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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Sublime language (was Re: Attn
    Date: 8/26/1995 6:58:00 PM  

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I do have certain linguistic elements that I tend to re-use to
subconsciously define the characters a bit. Londo tends to use verbal
prologs a lot, "It occurs to me," "You know, I was thinking," that sort
of thing, which connotes that he's always working through what he's going
to say before he says it, and puts the pronoun I or Me at the center of
his way of thinking. I often insert "Yes?" in his dialogue ("A great
shame, yes?" "A terrible thing, is it not?") and variations to hint at
the notion that this is a person looking for acceptance, validation,

Where Londo tends to put his personal pronoun at the beginning of
his lines, Delenn has a tendency to put them at the end of her sentences,
de-emphasizing personal importance. Sometimes it lends her a kind of
prolix speech pattern, but that's an inevitable consequence of that kind
of structure; sometimes the verbs also get shoved back in the sentence,
giving things a somewhat Germanic structure.

So some elements of phraseology, grammer, even phrases per se do
tend to recur, but I try to keep them mainly to that person, or to that
group, as a device to reinforce identity.


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