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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: B5 writer(s)
    Date: 7/13/1995 6:51:00 PM  

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Re: "he writes at close to Asimov's speed."

One thing I miss here, and wish there was more of, was more on the
task of writing. I think there's a good opportunity here for more on the
technical side of all this...the writing, how the different departemtns
(departments) come together, all the production stuff nobody tells you.

So on the writing speed issue, a little something that may be of

Mark Twain said, "Never write a scene until you have finished it to
your satisfaction." Meaning in your head. You should always play the
scene over and over in your head, filling it out further and further each
time, until you can play it like a movie. Then, when it's all worked
out, you sit down and transcribe it.

This is kinda how I work. I finish a scene, load up what I need to
do in the next scene...and distract myself, here on the boards, doing
something else, and gradually filling out the scene over and over until
it's crystal clear. Then when you sit down to write it, it goes quickly.

Also helps to type 120 wpm, but the other helps a *lot*.


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