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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: ATTN JMS: favorite sf shows
    Date: 4/23/1995 7:31:00 AM  

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Unfortunately, because of the demands of making B5, I don't generally
get to watch a lot of TV. I try to catch the X-Files whenever I can, and
I'd have to say that's probably my personal favorite of what's out there
right now. (Fittingly, in my office, I don't have a B5 cup on my desk, I
have an X-Files mug.) I like MST3K enormously, and we had kind of an
exchange program going; they sent me a picture personally autographed by
all the main guys on the show, and we sent them a bunch of B5 caps. They
mentioned our show recently on their series, and now I have to find some
way to repay the favor.

I've only seen a couple of VR5's and am thus far having a hard time
getting into it. That may change with more viewings. I gave up on Earth 2
and SeaQuest some time ago, though some folks have been trying to get me
to take another look on E2, saying it's improved, so I'll try to give it
another shot when I get some free time.

My favorite shows generally tend to be ones from a while back, like
the Prisoner, the original Star Trek, Outer Limits, Thriller, Twilight
Zone, Blake's 7 and a few others.


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