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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Attn. JMS: Larry DiTillio no l
    Date: 4/22/1995 6:42:00 PM  

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The information is essentially correct. This year, I wrote 15 out
of 22 episodes. Larry provided an additional 3. That leaves 4 freelance
scripts, and in all four of those cases, I did pretty much all of the
rewriting on them. Consequently, Larry spent a lot of his time more or
less cooling his heels. There really wasn't that much for him to do.
Next season, I'll probably write 17 or 18, so again, there's not really
enough for a story editor to *do*. A story editor rewrites.

Also, this is the kind of show where I've set the parameters from day
one (actually from 1987), and Larry's strength is in world-building and
determining the direction of a show. There isn't much room for that. So
overall, it seemed to make sense to free him up to go after shows where he
can have more influence, do more rewrites and more original scripts; let
him make his mark. He has great strenths in areas not being utilized,
particularly as a script doctor. And there are several very interesting
opportunities out there for him.

So while we're still allocating a budget for a story editor for next
season, just in case I get swamped, right now there are no plans for any
one new in that position. It's just not something that fits into the
unusual way that B5 operates, we've found. (A story editor also works in
generating stories or listening to pitches...and, again, those are all
pretty much worked out ahead of time; all but one of the freelance scripts
this season were based on assigned premises from me, based on my notes for
this season). Look for him soon in other projects where he can mold the
direction in interesting and unique areas.


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