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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: A possibly nasty metaphor
    Date: 4/5/1995 6:01:00 PM  

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David: you hit it *exactly* on the head. Again, as you point out,
stuff here operates on a lot of different levels. I try, where I can, to
make a given scene do more than one thing. The hall argument is a good
example of this. The script stipulated a human being stuck between G'Kar
and Londo. Not any other race. Had to be a human. Because that becomes
emblematic of how we're stuck between the two sides in the war, something
which is *very* strongly brought home in the next batch of episodes.

Obviously, the first most important thing in that scene is just the
gag, the humor. It has to work on that level, and that's how it came to
me first: just the gag. Then, when it came time to write it, that's when
I start poking at things to see if I can layer on another level of
meaning, and I saw a way to do a little (very little) visual foreshadowing
of stuff to come. Didn't matter if anybody ever noticed it or not; it
was never really intended to be of much note, just a little item that
becomes a nice bit of irony later.


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