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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: male women on b5
    Date: 3/23/1995 6:31:00 PM  

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Al Bell: I suspect that to some extent you are working through some
issues that don't really have that much to do with Babylon 5.

Bear in mind also that B5 is a fairly controlled environment; you've
got 24 hour a day access to communications and security. Also, 95% of the
people Ivanova has to deal with are subordinates, under her in rank; if
any of them were to make a move, aside from coming away with one fewer
hand, that person would be court martialed instantly and spend the next
several years UNDER the brig.

You portray a universe of "women as victims," and maybe there are
some elements of your background that may lead you to that sense that
such has to be or is generally the case. I think we've victimized
people enough; women need to stop being victims and stop being afraid.

And I'm not saying that fear is invalid; in our current world, it's
all too present. You're talking to someone here who grew up in a familyi
where wife-beating was common; I've seen such violence up close. I've
seen friends who've gone through this. Which is maybe one reason why I
chose to allow myself one utopian thought in a fairly dystopian B5
universe: that in the armed services, and some other areas, it's not
even a matter of discussion anymore; it just doesn't happen. Womeen are
100% equal with men. A woman is no more likely to be sexually harrassed
in B5 than a man, depending on how your preferences direct you.

There are damned few women role models who are strong, and capable,
and intelligent, and witty, and physically able to defend themselves on
TV. Everywhere one turns the victim image is propagated; if I have gone
a bit in the other direction to make a point, and TO point to something
better, I think that's justified.

Besides, I happen to LIKE strong, capable, intelligent, funny women.


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