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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: JMS: sigh (was Re: What does H
    Date: 3/3/1995 5:28:00 PM  

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"You may as well have not responded, sir."

"If you don't wish us to ask such questions, then please say so and
(we) will refrain from asking in the future."

Don't get snippy, Chuck.

I get 500 messages a day or more. I don't have to answer any of
them. I do. I don't owe you any kind of reply whatsoever; I could have
simply seen it and moved on. Don't snip at me because you didn't like
the answer, or it wasn't as detailed as you might want. Also, this is
one particular question that I've answered, oh, about 30 times now, in
excruciating detail; you'll forgive me if on number 31 I shorthand it a

The answer I gave you was also 100% correct, whether you liked it or
not. Harlan does on the show whatever Harlan wants. If you're not
satisfied with the answer, that's your lookout, not mine.

For the 30th time (and a lot of this is probably in the faq, but after
12 straight hours writing, and another 10 hours producing, and getting
maybe 3 hours sleep out of the last 36, I will take the time and retype
it all again, this time for your benefit, since you seem to begrudge me
my prior response. He has helped write the opening narration; he hsa
created the character of the ombuds; he has worked with me in getting some
of our freelance writers on-track; he has made costume suggestions, set
suggestions, music I said: He does whatever he wants.

I hope that this answer, which is available in the faq, suffices for
you. For your next question, download the faq and try to ask one that
I haven't already covered 30 times. Or if you do ask an old one, and I
give you a brief answer, because I'm tired, and I've been typing all day
and all night, and my arms hurt all night long and all day long because
of carpal tunnel syndrome...don't come back at me with attitude, because
frankly your attitude sucks. You could've said, "Could you amplify a
little more?" and that would've been sufficient, and I probably would've
obliged. But I answer hundreds upon hundreds of messages every single
week; don't pull this kind of crap on me.

"You may as well have not responded, sir."

Yeah, well, maybe next time I won't.

"If you don't wish us to ask such questions, then please say so and
(we) will refrain from asking in the future."

Does your mom know you talk to people like this?


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