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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: JMS: PoD Plusses (Minor Spoile
    Date: 11/5/1994 6:09:00 PM  

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To your points...yes, we definitely plan to do more with Dr.
Franklin this year. My goal is to get Ivanova OUT of Ops, and Franklin
OUT of Medlab on occasion, to see their real lives, and do other things
with them (and I think you'll find some real surprises coming up very

The Earthforce lounge (EA personnel only) is Earhart's, named after
the famed aviator.

(Consequently, as tradition, only swing or big-band music is ever
played in Earhart's.)

Yes, we brightened things up a notch, but only a notch, because we
discovered that a lot of the good work being done on the sets and the
costumes wasn't being seen because we were too dark. So we went up about
one f-stop, but at the same time began using more shadows, textures and
colors, so the show has a denser look to it.

Definite agreement on the CGI this year.

There are a couple of big, honking CGI episodes coming up fairly
soon that're just terrific, the best Ron and Kevin have done to date.


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