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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Ignore Ford Thaxton (was
    Date: 10/31/1994 7:23:00 PM  

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Woody Harper: you have ended your messages with a "quote" from me
stating, "I'm foolin' 'em with these funny footprints!" As with much of
what comes out of your and Ford Thaxton's mouth, this is a lie and a
fabrication, I never made that statement.

Just what the hell is your problem, anyway? You put info out that
I'm fired, you misquote me, you lie to others on systems about me...this
is stalking behavior on your part, and I'm getting very, very tired of it,
and I'm not going to stand for much more of it. You may consider that I
am now putting you on formal notice. Henceforth, all further fabrications
and downright lies that you post, all harrassing messages sent by you,
all rumors and deliberate distortions will be forwarded from me to my
attorneys, and gathered to be filed with an attorney in your state for
potential prosecution under libel laws and anti-stalking laws. Further, I
may be forced to take personal legal action against you. Remember that I
have your address.

You have deliberately manufactured quotes from me. You have stated,
as fact, that I was fired from my job. You have told others that I
tracked you down for disagreeing with me, when in fact (as others here
can and have agreed to testify), it was incidend #1, the firing story,
that prompted this action. You (and now, our latest homunculus, Ford
Thaxton) deliberately distort and misrepresent and simply lie about
matters injurious to my (and in the latter case, Michael O'Hare's)

I would also request the sysop of the system from which you are
logging in to be aware of your stalking behavior, and to reconsider your
continued access to this forum.

I have had enough of this obsessive behavior from you. You are now
under formal notice to stop it and stop it now. I don't know what the
reason is for this sick fixation of yours, but get some help for it.

If you don't stop, you, and your family, and your employer will be
hearing from my attorneys in very short order.

Enough is enough.


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