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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Ignore Ford Thaxton (was
    Date: 10/25/1994 2:34:00 PM  

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Ford clearly doesn't know anything about the show, as you note or
he'd be aware that "Chrysalis" was filmed #12. As for "Babylon Squared,"
which you mention...again, there's something interesting in timing here,
which of course Ford will ignore, because he's a pinhead. B2 aired long,
LONG after the O'Hare conversation took place. Months.

Now, if we really intended to change the story, if Sinclair was never
to show up again, it would have been absolutely simple (since we were
still plugging stuff into that episode up until a few weeks before it
aired in August) to either snip that scene out, or re-shoot it with
someone else. It's a thirty-second shot, absolutely no problem. But we
didn't. We left it in. (And we've left other mysteries unresolved, we
could've gotten away with it.) We were about five minutes over in that
episode, and there was plenty of stuff we could've stuck in to make up the
time. But, again, we didn't.

But naturally, none of this will matter to Ford, who is simply an


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