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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Ignore Ford Thaxton (was
    Date: 10/21/1994 1:33:00 PM  

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Theron keep asking for "direct evidence." Please define
what you would accept as "direct evidence" given that only four people
were in the room? Please be specific.

Obviously hearsay or direct statements (which are usually good
enough for a court of law) don't seem good enough for you. So what would
be? (IN a real world, not a hypothetical, as you state.)

You're demanding of people things that do not exist. And trying to
deride their opinion because they cannot provide that which does not

You keep talking about logic and reasonableness...but having studied
logic, I'm afraid you're totally out to sea on this. YOU have taken a
position for which there is *no* evidence whatsoever. If you don't have
a point to make, what's the point of the conversation? If you do, what is
your basis for that point? Please show YOUR direct evidence, and be sure
that it meets the criteria you set up for others.

Basically, and frankly, I think you're a mind-fucker, someone who
comes on knowing full well that there's no way of proving anything (unless
one wants to take the word of someone who was there), and thus tries to
sow some dissension, some contention, to get people all riled up trying to
meet and cater to YOUR demands...demands which you are not at liberty to
make of them.

Now, may I begin to speculate about your last few jobs? After all, I
can hypothetically state that you were probably fired from your last few
jobs for rather sordid reasons. Now, can anybody out there show me DIRECT
EVIDENCE to the contrary? Oh, and I'm sorry, but the word of your
employers doesn't count.

The oldest debate trick is to try and make someone prove a negative,
that something *didn't* happen...which is exactly what you're trying to
do here, and the unfortunate thing is that some folks have fallen for it.

I suggest you grow up and find another game to play. This one is
getting real old.

LOGICALLY, one never makes an assertion unless one has evidence. To
start with assumptions, as you have, flies in the face of logic.

So let's see YOUR direct evidence, Theron. Let's hold you up to the
same standards you seem to require of everyone else.

Well? You're so fast to demand it of everyone else...surely you
MUST have something more than just hot air, Theron? Come on. Put up or
shut up.


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