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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Quickies...apparently (I'm told)...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 3/30/1994 4:22:00 PM  

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Quickies...apparently (I'm told) Howard Stern mentioned B5 favorably in
both his Tuesday AND Wednesday broadcasts, though I haven't heard it myself.
This after a prior mention some time ago.

We must be doing *something* right.

Also...apparently, at a convention, Rick Sternbach from ST said that the
ST shows (DS9 and, subsequently, Voyager) would be shifting over to primarily
computer EFX rather than models. They're going to start coming over to OUR
turf...and engaging in the usual learning curve, trial and erros, which we've
already gone through.

Me...I just sit here and smile...and on one level, despite the way it may
appear, I'm pleased. It shows we were right. And if they start doing CGI,
it'll force both sides to again be competitive in terms of doing more, pushing
things. And that friendly competition is good for the blood, it should keep
both shows on the cutting edge. It'll also enable other shows to come in
using CGI, meaning more SF on the air.

It also ties into what I've heard lately, that Paramount is getting
hammered by some of the stations asking why the hell DS9 episodes often cost
1.7 to 2 million dollars an episode to produce, where B5 is doing more, with
half the budget. I would love to hear the response to that.

We're putting the finishing touches on the two-parter this week, and this
one's really a blow-out episode. More and bigger sets, more CGI than just
about any prior episode, and more *elaborate* CGI, a big story...we keep
trying to get more ambitious as we go along. So far it looks like we'll have
at *minimum* one real blow-out action episode in each ratings cycle; "Signs
and Portents" in May, and the two-parter in November (though I probably should
include "Babylon Squared" and "Chrysalis" in that same category...November is
going to be the month we fry VCRs around the country).

As well as appearing at ICON mid-April, I plan to be at the Chicago Comic
Convention around July 1-3, and at San Diego ComicCon afterward.


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