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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Yes, I spoke with Walter earlier...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 7/29/1993 7:03:00 PM  

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Yes, I spoke with Walter earlier today, and he seems to be holding up
well. We're trying every trick we can to move back the episode he was going
to do for us, in order to accommodate this. It came as quite a shock to all
of us, but knowing Walter, he'll come through great. He's stubborn and

I know that I've been noticeably silent the last week or so, because
things are moving along out here, and I wish there were more that I could say.
Again, we're keeping things close to our collective vest for the time being.
I wish you could see the scripts that are starting to come in, could see the
new blueprints for sets, see the rough storyboards and EFX designs coming
from Ron's place. The series is going to be just amazing, and *much* stronger
than the pilot. As word gets out to the street about what we're planning on,
we're getting an amazing list of actors expressing interest in doing an
episode. We'll definitely be using David McCallum in one of our first

It looks like we're coming into a pretty clean breakdown where you get
one or two very serious episodes, then a light one to balance it out. And a
lot of our stories are dealing with issues of significance without getting
didactic or preachy about it because we're trying to keep them very *personal*

There are times I feel like the first guy over this big mountain, and I
can see what's on the other side, and I'm torn between yelling back to
describe it all, and waiting silently to avoid spoiling the surprise.

It's going to be a fun show.


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