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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: (btw...anyone here know of any major...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 1/30/1993 9:21:00 PM  

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No Thread 

(btw...anyone here know of any major conventions between now and February
22nd around the country?)

What has been said that's *negative* about the show? Do you actually
believe I'll provide *NEGATIVE* information about my own show?

You do? Oh. Then okay.

Probably the number one comment, when there are any negatives voiced, is
that the first half-hour is slow when compared with the rest of the episode.
And I have to agree...there's SO much to establish, so much ground to cover,
that the first half hour is very dense. Once we've established the
foundation, that changes fast, because we now have a common ground of
understanding about the universe in which the story is taking place.

Let's fellow from Starburst Magazine who was at the preview
said that if it were his, he would've rearranged the last few shots. The
current sequence is, Action Scene, Transition with Kosh, Confrontation with a
Major Character and Sinclair, the Reception, Delenn and Sinclair in the
Garden, and the final shot with Laurel in the observation dome. He would've
put the Confrontation with a Major character as the LAST scene, and cut the
shot of Laurel altogether. His sense is to end on a big sense is
that it's better to end on a note that sets up the series to follow. Not so
much a negative as a difference of opinion.

Let's see...some didn't like the gun designs (others loved it), some felt
we didn't do as much as we could've with the background aliens (some thought
we did too much)...mainly they've been matters of taste, rather than someone
finding something that Just Doesn't Make Sense, or an EFX shot that looks
crummy. There aren't any Real Big Plot Holes, and insofar as I know, nothing
major to pick on which is *objective*, only differences of opinion. (As we've
seen here with the Kennedy stuff; some liked it, others didn't.)


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