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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: "Bad Bob" is not seen in the show,...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 11/25/1992 3:01:00 PM  

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"Bad Bob" is not seen in the show, except as one of many such alien
critters WAY in the background, and has nothing to do with the show, and thus
doesn't need to be shoved out an airlock, since it was never inside to begin

Does Lyta need to touch anyone to scan them? No. Not at all. You'll
notice that she doesn't during the business meeting. You will notice that she
wears gloves, and long-sleeved jackets, and always is careful to avoid
physical contact, though. The way it works is this: she can scan fairly
accurately without contact. If someone is shielded, and she has permission or
a court order to scan further, it may require some physical contact to
"ground" her, if you will. It's not something she likes to do, however.

As to the other classes of'll see them soon enough; there
are at least 2 stories planned for the first season that deal with this area,
in quite some detail. They will deal with quite a few of the issues raised
here in the last batch of messages.

Regarding the first hour-script that I've turned in, we do
learn more about his past, and what brought him here. And yes, there were
some lives involved, but he was framed. Doesn't mean he didn't screw up other
things...and doesn't mean he won't screw up NOW, either. He's had a problem
with alcohol, and it may come back. But there is a strong link to Sinclair
that prompted him to give Garibaldi what is, essentially, his last chance.

Because we've created a nice range of characters, I've tried to set aside
at least two stories apiece for each of the major and supplementary


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