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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: The warm vomit story is true, and...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 11/24/1992 2:47:00 PM  

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The warm vomit story is true, and has been described in the SF press.


This is probably the last word I'm going to have on this whole issue, and I'm
doing this only to (one hopes) close the issue and let us move on.

Here is what I found in my mailbox. I've removed the name of the person who
sent it on to me as a courtesy.
Apparen * * *

Date: 24-Nov-92 10:18 PST From: Subject: This was posted to the
newsgroup... Date: Tue, 24 Nov 92 12:16:43 CST From:

Joe, this was posted... any comment? With all the work you have done I'd
hate to see you go. I know rumors abound. If you have no cemment.. just say
so.. This has a lot of people scared who have been following the progress of
the show...

___ Forwarded Message

Date: Tue, 24 Nov 92 13:08:52 -0500 From: (Michael Burstein)
Message-Id: <> To: Subject: JMS

I read the following on the USENET. Can anyone confirm this? _________
_____________________ From!olivea!uunet!!asuvax!ennews!telesys!
wierius!memalph!system Tue Nov 24 13:06:11 EST 1992 Article: 4954 of Path:!olivea!uunet!!asuvax!ennews!telesys!
wierius!memalph!system From: system@memalph.UUCP (Woody Harper) Newsgroups:,rec.arts.startrek.current

Subject: New Babylon 5 Production Crew Message-ID: <6uoPuB1w165w@memalph.UUCP>
Date: 23 Nov 92 21:43:28 GMT Organization: Memory Alpha BBS - Phoenix, AZ -
Lines: 17 Xref: rec.arts.startrek.current:17796

Just out of the latest Variety:

Straczynski OUT Kricfalusi IN!

Warner Brothers, parent of the upcoming Prime Time Network has announced the
replacement of Joe Straczynski as the head of the new science fiction
teledrama Babylon 5. Straczynski's replacement will be John Kricfalusi,
formerly of the Nicelodeon channel owned by HBO productions. Executives at
Warner Brothers said that the decision to sack Straczynski was based on
"artistic" and "directional" differences. John Kricfakusi is expected to
bring a nouveau, surreal edge to the show in an attempt to capture the Twin
Peaks, Northern Exposure audience. There have been no public comments by
Straczynski since the announcement and John Kricfalusi was unavailable for

Memory Alpha BBS (memalph.UUCP), Phoenix, AZ
-= The Sum of All Knowledge =-

* * *

Me again. As you can see, there was nothing of comic intent in the message,
only a desire to spread deliberately false information and unsettle a lot of
people (which apparently succeeded, at least in part, judging from the mail
I've received).

This is the kind of thing I've encountered in the past, and this is the reason
a lot of SF pros (writers, actors, others) have been driven off systems by the
10% who screw it up for the remaining 90%. About a year, two years ago, there
was one real psycho who began innocently enough, targeting me and David
Gerrold. Some of those who looked on thought it was all just fun.

It wasn't, and it escalated...he began coming at us from various systems,
smearing our careers with false information (we weren't working on any
projects together, we were just the two who came to his attention). It went
past destructive to downright dangerous. So finally I had no choice but to
take action...I chased him down through 3 national systems and half a dozen
local BBSs until I finally nailed him, via his mother's phone number, which
he'd used to get verification on the first system he logged onto.

The rest of the not for delicate ears. Suffice to say he went
away. Since then, I've just had to adopt a stance that says that if someone
goes out of their way to deliberately plant false, damaging information out of
sheer maliciousness, then I will do whatever is necessary to shut them down.
I don't like it, it's time consuming, but the only other alternative is simply
to stop using systems like GEnie and Compuserve, and I refuse to be driven off
by a handful of destructive people.

Anyway, I hope we can now move on. This will be dealt with in the fullness of
time, I only wanted to clarify a little bit. There is too much good going on
right now _ and too much more waiting in the wings _ to let this interfere.



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