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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Steve...just curious, what's the...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 2/20/1992 8:31:00 AM  

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Steve...just curious, what's the scuttlebutt there about the project?
I'm interested to know what the stations are hearing, vs. what we're trying
to get across.

Rick: we won't be shooting on the Warners lot, but rather off the lot.
(More and more shows are doing this now because of the HUGE fees involved --
overhead and the like -- in shooting on the lot. We're now in the process of
scouting out some other locations. Since the show is basically a park-and-
lock, mainly interiors, you can literally get a large warehouse, gut it, and
build your stages there. (And sometimes you can do this and get a LARGER
facility, overall, than what you could get at a studio, with the competition
there for large stages.)

What's also good about shooting off the lot is that, once the movie is
finished, if we're on the lot we'd have to strike the set, do a fold and hold,
then put it all back up again for the series. The studio can't afford to let
a soundstage remain dormant for very long. Here, however, we can just leave
the sets standing as long as required.

Re: slug or projectile-type weapons of the needler form...the only
problem with those is that if you have to use them on a person, you basically
shred them to itsy, bitsy pieces...which may be a bit much for television.


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