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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: YAAAGGHHH! (There, I feel much...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 2/19/1992 7:08:00 AM  

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YAAAGGHHH! (There, I feel much better's like holding one's
breath for a long time.)

The home computer is still out, and I'm thus logging on from work.
(Stayed home all day Tuesday for the power unit to come in FedEx, and it
didn't.) Some quickies while I'm here:

1) Yes, we *do* have more stations on line, though alas I've left the
list at home. I know we've added Philadelphia and Detroit and Atlanta and a
bunch of others, but which ones in particular will have to wait until I can
grab the list from home and bring it here, or get my home computer on-line
with GEnie again. (I don't know what the problem was, except that the
internal modem on my Zeos couldn't get past the U#: request without giving me
a No Carrier response, even *with* the right protocols, parities and the

2) GOOD thoughts about the weapons. I *like* the thunderclap idea.
Will pass this on to the tech boys.

3) Regarding using one or two ST actors on the show...for starters, we're
not talking about regular parts. One or two guest spots in a year or so. And
let us all remember that an actor's an actor, and it seems a shame to waste
good actors becaues they've gotten typecast from another series. That's been
one of the injustices to come out of ST's success, so many good actors found
it hard to get work afterward. (If you haven't seen George Takai in
PRISONERS OF THE SUN, you've missed something really wonderful.) In
addition...this is kind of a way for Certain People to show their feeling that
B5 is a better legacy and recipient of the ST fan's attention than other
stuff. Which will annoy a studio out there no end.

I'll probably post the new stations tomorrow sometime.

Meanwhile, things continue to heat up. Met with the tech boys on Friday
to review the script, and they had some WONDERFUL ideas on how to make this
even bigger than I'd thought was possible in terms of EFX and some of the
action planned for the movie. I'm now in the process of incorporating all of
that into the script, which will now be turned in around next Monday, computer
hassles permitting. Will also be at the Gallifrey convention at the LA
Airport Hilton this Saturday to do a B5 presentation (1-2:30).

There's some growing interest and pressure from some involved at the
studio/station syndicate level to move faster on the series than was first
discussed. This bodes well. We're also fleshing out parts of the B5 station
itself from a production standpoing, incorporating as many valid technological
issues as we can. One of the problems we encountered with a station that uses
centrifugal force to create gravity is that you can't have any windows at
waist level, since space is below your feet. Well, our production whiz Ron
Thornton came up with a spiffy solution to that which is gonna look neat.

Anyway, just a note to let you know that all is proceeding apace, and
starting to gather momentum. It's a strange feeling to be in the position of
talking about something, of being one of maybe a handful of people who even
know the NAME of what you're proposing...and suddenly there are quite
literally dozens of people on the phone, and in meetings, talking about it,
calling YOU about it, coming in with design elements and publicity strategies
and the keep fighting the urge to say, "But how did YOU know about
that? That's just something I've created in my head." It's both rewarding
and constantly surprising.

More info as I can log on here to convey it.


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