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    From: STRACZYNSKI [Joe]
 Subject: Well, the other day I got to see...
      To: GENIE  
    Date: 12/7/1991 12:17:00 PM  

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Well, the other day I got to see the official Warner Bros. -- well, I
don't know what to call it, exactly, it's a lot more than a brochure, but not
a book, and not a's what they've made to send to the various TV
stations (allied and non-allied), and for the Warner Bros. salesmen to take
around with them to the stations, and for the overseas market.

It's a three-part foldover on slick, card stock, photographic grade
stock. The front piece has the main B-5 artwork of the station in space, a
binary sun in BG, a planet, and several surrounding ships coming in to dock,
beneath the final version (for now) of the B-5 logo. It's reproduced in
stunning color. You open that up, and you find text on the inside of the
flap, and continuing down inside are character descriptions and the artwork on
each of the main characters. The second flap (folded beneath the first) is a
cut-out all along on side, the cut-out conforming to the profile of the B-5
station. Open up that flap, and you find the artwork of the interior of B-5.

It's absolutely *gorgeous*, full color, and everyone who's seen it has
gone nuts for it. The overseas folks, normally reserved, are already asking
for dibs. We're getting a terrific response. What was also fun for me,
personally, was turning the whole thing over and seeing, there by the Warner
Bros. logo, "Rattlesnake Productions in Association with Synthetic Worlds,
Ltd." (The latter is my production company.) Cool.

Having worked on this for so long, it's taking a while for it to come
through to me that this is finally REAL, that every day more and more people
are getting involved with something that came out of my head one day, that
folks in England and Italy and Japan and other countries are getting into the
picture, that layout and graphics guys are putting together whole campaigns
around the program...jesus, it's amazing.

Also received a preliminary copy of the final budget, and it looks good.
Now we're looking at real money, and the responsibility starts to really come
through. Now we have to DO IT, and do it the way we've been planning all
these years.

I think I'll go lie down for a while....


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