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    From: joseph straczynski <>
 Subject: Re: jms1tb5 to Joseph Straczynski?
    Date: 6/24/2009 4:07:24 PM  

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On Jun 24, 8:14=A0am, Charles Alexander Gregory
<> wrote:
> On Jun 23, 8:12=A0pm, Joseph Straczynski <> wrote:
> > On Jun 22, 9:05=A0pm, Scott Rae <> wrote:
> > > So, when did Joe change his handle from jmsatb5 to Joseph Straczynski=
> > > I admit I don't read every post on the group but I always look for po=
> > > from Joe. =A0Now I wonder what I may have missed by not noticing the =
> > > Scott
> > Okay, here's the weird thing...I didn't change anything. =A0I leave
> > posts here by going directly to google groups, I don't use an
> > intermediary program. =A0I've done what I've done for years. =A0Now
> > suddenly my name is there.
> > I had a similar experience on amazon, where I just used an email
> > address to log in, and my name was Joe Straczynski on amazon when I
> > signed on. =A0Then one day I logged in...and it had been changed to J.
> > Michael Straczynski, meaning that SOMEbody at Amazon saw me,
> > recognized me, and adjusted the name. =A0Because sure as hell I didn't
> > do it.
> > Funny old world.
> > But again, I haven't changed anything here.
> > jms
> Ever heard of a phenomenon called "Reality Shifts"? Sounds like
> something that should be fictional, but it's not (subject to the
> disclaimer that it may be absolutely nuts *smile*). The basic idea is
> that all of reality is some sort of 'quantum calculation' (a-la-
> Schrodinger and his famous half-dead cat), and that the universe can
> occasionally 'slip' back and forth between two 'different' outcomes
> that are of nearly equal probability. Thus, if you ever came *close*
> to using one of those 'other' names, for some reason (don't have that
> one figured out yet) the universe will suddenly 'jump' or 'shift' from
> one to the other, and no one is to blame. Sometimes it later jumps
> back. Ever had your car keys disappear from the rack where you
> 'always' hang them, and then after a long searchg they are suddenly
> right back on the rack, with no one else to blame for moving them?
> That's it. Your memory ain't going. The keys just werent there for a
> while. Sadly, when bigger 'shifts' happen, people's memories also seem
> to shift, so that you have that nice nutso feeling of being the only
> one who 'notices' the change.
> In your case the circumstances 'remind' me of reality shifts, but
> because everyone is noticing these changes and not just you, I'm
> inclined to think this is more a case of these big organizations
> installing some new software that plucks your information from a
> different field or file. Now if you were to tell us that one or the
> other of these services NEVER had your middle name on file, then that
> would be... interesting... :)
> FYI - This is the underlying phenomena that, when people attempt to
> consciously manipulate it, gives rise to a lot of new age stuff like
> 'The Secret' (I already have a used car, thanks!) and 'What the Bleep
> Do We Know'.... Interesting stuff, but sadly you can gag on the new
> age attitude... But google for the term 'reality shifts' and you
> usually get something a bit more sensible. :)
> Enjoy.
> - Charles (slinks back into shadows)- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

I know for a fact that there are constant reality shifts, and the way
you can figure out when they happen is when pronunciations suddenly

Like when John Chancellor became John ChancellOR, when TAL-ah-ban
became TAHLI-BAHN, and when suddenly the British weekEND starts to pop
up all over the place in the US....

It's a conspiracy, I tells you....


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