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    From: joseph straczynski <>
 Subject: Re: jms1tb5 to Joseph Straczynski?
    Date: 6/23/2009 5:12:37 PM  

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On Jun 22, 9:05=A0pm, Scott Rae <> wrote:
> So, when did Joe change his handle from jmsatb5 to Joseph Straczynski?
> I admit I don't read every post on the group but I always look for posts
> from Joe. =A0Now I wonder what I may have missed by not noticing the chan=
> Scott

Okay, here's the weird thing...I didn't change anything. I leave
posts here by going directly to google groups, I don't use an
intermediary program. I've done what I've done for years. Now
suddenly my name is there.

I had a similar experience on amazon, where I just used an email
address to log in, and my name was Joe Straczynski on amazon when I
signed on. Then one day I logged in...and it had been changed to J.
Michael Straczynski, meaning that SOMEbody at Amazon saw me,
recognized me, and adjusted the name. Because sure as hell I didn't
do it.

Funny old world.

But again, I haven't changed anything here.


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