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    From: "" <>
 Subject: Re: Quick Updates
    Date: 1/4/2009 3:23:00 PM  

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On Jan 3, 11:10=A0pm, Andrew Swallow <> wrote:
> wrote:
> [snip]
> > Finally, later this month, in addition to continuing to turn in
> > screenplay assignmentgs, I'll be turning in the pilot script for Last
> > Words, an hour dramatic series with a paranormal thrust, being written
> > for TNT and Dreamworks.
> > (It's a new crowd at TNT these days.)
> > jms
> Sometimes it is the people, sometimes it is the situation.
> Does "Last Words" have the same audience as the TNT channel?
> If lot there will be low ratings and trouble.
> JMS thinking back to last time. =A0If after episode 3 TNT had approached
> you and said Crusade does not fit this channel. =A0Will you help:
> a. sell the rest of Crusade to a different channel e.g. SciFi
> b. by pitch a new show containing wrestling and lots of girls in bikinis?
> Would you have gone along with it?
> Andrew Swallow

No on B.

I would've happily gone for B had they been sincere in so requesting.
But after they decided it didn't fit their audience at that time, they
were afraid it would go somewhere else and be a hit, which would make
them look bad, so they did all they could to ensure that nobody else
could get it.


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