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    From: "" <>
 Subject: Re: Forry Ackerman is gone.
    Date: 12/6/2008 3:00:55 PM  

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On Dec 6, 11:18=A0am, Captain Infinity <>
> Once Upon A Time,
> Amy Guskin wrote:
> >>> On Sat, 6 Dec 2008 11:12:49 -0500, thus spake
m (in
> >article <534c5fed-2bdd-4f20-be73-a55805efd...@f20g2000yqg.googlegroups.c=
> > By the same token, I'm glad
> >> that Forry let the world know what kind of shape Bloch was in. I would
> >> have liked to send him a last farewell, had I been able. <<
> >I'm not (glad). =A0If you can't honor the wishes of someone you call a f=
> >when they're dying, what kind of a friend _are_ you? =A0Do you really th=
> >it's more important that fans get a chance at a last goodbye than the ma=
> >wishes (and his family's wishes) were honored?
> >This is exactly what happened with Andreas (not the autograph part). =A0=
> >the information went public, thanks to one of his supposed friends, too,=
> >didn't send him a farewell card because I knew that the making public of=
> >illness was NOT what he wanted. =A0Acting on it would have been adding h=
> >insult to injury, to use an unfortunately apt phrase (and IMHO).
> >Very sore subject.
> What are your thoughts on trashing a dead man's memory the day after he
> has died?
> **
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I don't know, what are your thoughts about people too cowardly to post
under their real name, preferring to hide behind the curtain of
anonymity while they snipe and run away, as opposed to people who,
critical or positive, at least have the balls to say it like a man,
under their own names?

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