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    From: "" <>
 Subject: Re: AICN claims to have info on "Forbidden Planet" - possible
    Date: 11/6/2008 12:31:10 PM  

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On Nov 6, 5:33=A0am, Jan <> wrote:
> Ain't It Cool News is claiming to have details about how JMS will approac=
> "Forbidden Planet", that it'll be less of a remake and more of a continua=
> --

That report is totally incorrect. It's not going to be retro, and
it's not going to be a continuation. When Altair 4 blows up, it blows
up. I have, however, found a way to honro the original movie without
in any way besmirching it in order to do this iteration. Once folks
find out what we're actually going to do, I think they'll be most
pleased. Forbidden Planet remains one of my favorite films of all
time, and I wouldn't even think about doing this project if I didn't
think there was a way to do it that would not in any way diminish the
original...which is why this is the the first development in years to
actually get to the script stage. Everybody involved is very excited
by the approach.


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