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    From: "" <>
 Subject: Re: Present for Changling Script
    Date: 10/15/2008 4:48:54 PM  

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On Oct 14, 5:30=A0pm, Professor <> wrote:
> JMS mentioned somewhere, posts or the script books, that after he
> lands a new contract or deal he goes out and purchases some little
> nice thing for himself. I believe I recall reading that he and Rod
> Sterling bought something simliar at one time.
> Did JMS ever mention what he purchased for himself after selling the
> Changling script?

I've never been a guy who likes a lot of flash. Anybody who's ever
seen me knows I don't go for expensive clothes, or fancy cars, or the
latest styles. I shop at the Gap and Land's End. I don't have
expensive paintings or jewelry. I travel light. I'm a simple kind of

But the Changeling sale was such a major event, such a
transformational experience, that I thought...this really has to be
something special to mark the moment. A once in a lifetime splurge.

So I got something I've long wanted: the Torneau Gotham Tahiti del Sol
watch. It's my lucky watch, and I only wear it to big events and
important meetings. The rest of the time I just kind of look at it
and smile.


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