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    From: "" <>
 Subject: Re: jms historical reclamation project
    Date: 8/20/2007 9:40:57 PM  

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On Aug 20, 5:02 pm, Carl Dershem <> wrote:
> "" <> wrote in news:1187578388.301183.259310
> > On Aug 19, 5:03 pm, "John W. Kennedy" <> wrote:
> >> wrote:
> >> > Van Houton Avenue, Paterson NJ
> >> There is a Van Houton Street in Paterson and a Van Houton Avenue in
> >> nearby Clifton.
> >> I should be able to get tne NJ locations. They're all near places where
> >> I regularly drive.
> > The noes by my mother just said Van Houton, Paterson," so I assume
> > it's the former
> > And thanks to you and all the rest of the jms irregulars.
> > jms
> WHile I'm often a little bit strange, I dunno about "irregular". :)
> But are there any particular places at SOuthwestern College you want shots
> of? It's not a small campus! (Same for CHula Vista High).

In an overall answer, whatever's really the easiest...a sense of place
(logo, main building, an overview of the campus, that sort of thing).
In the case of SCC it's the main area of the campus by the cafeteria,
the logo, the courtyards by the classes...there's an open area by the
cafeteria with a hill on a slight rise where I spent a lot of
time...but honestly, this is an indulgence and a favor on everyone's
part, so it's whatever is simplest to get with the least exertion.
I'm really just looking for a sense of place.


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