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    From: "" <>
 Subject: Re: "Babylon 5: The Lost Tales" - A Review (SPOILER Warning)
    Date: 8/8/2007 4:57:55 PM  

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On Aug 7, 4:15 pm, "Mac Breck" <> wrote:

> Where the CGI in B5:TLT falls down is the background of Lochley's
> quarters

Lochley's quarters were real, we shot against a real wall (you can see
it in some of the behind-the-scenes footage where I point to it).

> , the hallways in the first story (except for the hallway in the
> very first scene, which looked better than the rest) and the docking bay
> in both stories. In all of those cases, the CGI backgrounds just didn't
> look real. In Lochley's quarters, the lamps looked almost 2D, and the
> lampshades looked like one was made and then copied to make the other,
> and both were perfectly symmetrical and sharply edged.

The lamps were also real.

> The background
> looked like an illustration in a magazine, 2D. Same for the hallways.
> They looked too sterile, with an almost "Star Trek: Enterprise" feel to
> them.

The hallway she walks down is also real. Again, you can see it in the
behind the scenes material.


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