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 Subject: Re: ATTN JMS: Star Trek Script Books - Non roddenbery Scripts
    Date: 9/8/2006 11:01:50 PM  

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sftv wrote:
> Seeing as the first volumes of the Star Trek Script Books are now
> available, it has brought some questions to mind.
> They appear to be planning to include scripts of all of the episodes,
> not just the ones Rodenberry wrote. I would assume that if they are
> selling scripts by other writers, they would need to make arrangements
> with them. Or is there some special arrangement for 1960's scripts or
> Star Trek in particular (seeing as Majel has long been selling
> individual scripts).
> I would think that Harlan Ellison would like some say if they will be
> including "City on the Edge of Forever" in an upcoming edition or David
> Gerrold when they get to "The Trouble with Tribbles".
> As compared to the B5 script books, there isn't much beyond the scripts
> (five per book) other than an introduction by Eugene Rodenberry, a
> family photo and a Rodenberry quote. There also appears to be no
> discounts available like the B5 Scripts have during the first week of
> availability.
> Lee Whiteside

Which kind of goes to the core of what I wanted to do with the B5
script books, to make the maximum amount of information and the maximum
number of scripts available for as little as possible. This way, when
all is said and done, you have a real sort of holographic snapshot of
the making of the show from pretty much every angle.

To the larger question's my understanding -- and I could be
wrong, but this is what I've heard -- that the Roddenberry estate made
a deal with the writers to sell their scripts some time ago. Whether
that was a one-time payment, or there's some sort of residual, I don't
know, but there does seem to have been permissions involved.

Speaking of...I plan to get volume 9 done and up for the last week of
this month. It's been kind of crazy of late, as noted earlier, but I'm
coming into a smooth patch for a bit where I can catch up on that and
some Marvel work. The last draft of Changeling has gone in to the
studio, so we're now awaiting a decision concerning
production...Touchstone has responded very well to the Borrowed Lives
pilot script...and I just got back from two days in New York meeting
with the director and producers on the next feature that I'll be
writing for Universal (one of them being Akiva Goldsman, a very nice
man). Also got to meet Will Smith in the production offices of I Am
Legend while I was there. Also seemed like a very nice fellow.


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