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 Subject: Re: JMS's Spotlight at SDCC
    Date: 7/24/2006 3:44:13 AM  

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Jeremy Nickurak wrote:
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> On Sun, 23 Jul 2006 02:22:09 -0400, shawn wrote:
> >>--JMS was up in Toronto recently and they did a 12 episode radio drama
> >>series for the CBC called the Adventures of Apocalypse Al. It~Rs kind of
> >>a film noir style comedy drama science fiction supernatural series a la
> >>Men In Black or Hitchhiker~Rs Guide to the Galaxy. It~Rs in little 5
> >>minute chunks and it~Rs fall-down funny.
> >
> > Too bad we probably won't get to hear it in the states.
> No idea about scheduling, but CBC broadcasts over the internet too,

Also, CBC has a standing deal with Sirius Radio to pick up its shows in
the US. There will also be a deal sometime after that with NPR, BBC,
and elsewhere. The series will eventually be released on CD as well.

To the other questions that have arisen: we're looking at 3 half-hour
episodes/stories for the first DVD, with additional features and the
like in the other half hour. Each story will be worked around a given
established character, the specifics of which are still TBD contingent
upon availabilities and other issues.

We have a budget, we're greenlit, we're going.

As for what prompted the interest now at's only recently that
they've finally run through all 5 seasons, which for many years now has
been a constant source of revenue, and I think they would love to have
something to continue to with. The recent news re: Changeling probably
didn't hurt, but the deal was actually being negotiated long before
there *was* a feature film deal with Imagine. As I recall, we
finalized the deal right around the time that the Imagine news was

It was a rather extraordinary 24 hours.

I held off saying anything until I was cleared by WB to announce it as
a go project. Ultimately, whether we shoot in Vancouver or elsewhere
will be a function of the deal that gets made locally.


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