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 Subject: Re: Joe and Harlan at the Movies
    Date: 12/26/2005 4:46:58 PM  

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Keith Cramer wrote:
> Joe,
> Harlan sent me. Well, Harlan sent everyone, really. There has been a
> thread over on Webderland recently of rude movie behavior, and Harlan
> popped in and said the following:
> "Some day, when I get up the proper mind-set to retell the tales, I'll
> ensorcel you with the two best "shutting up people who talk in movies"
> stories in my repertoire of intentional, over-the-top violence in public
> places. Until that time, if you want to enjoy one of those two tales (told
> not nearly as well as I do it) you can go find Joe Straczynski's website
> and ask him. He was part of the brouhaha and is one-third of my living
> proof that I don't make this shit up.
> Ta-ta, kiddies. -he"
> Keith again. And of couse rampant speculation ensued, and the thread
> continued. A day or two later, Harlan posted this:
> The essay that included the anecdote about the guy yelling at "Leroy" in a
> NYC movie theater years ago was a section of the piece titled "The 3 Most
> Important Things in Life" and, yes, it IS a terrifying, marvelous story,
> available in my book.
> You're right.
> But you're wrong.
> The two experiences to which I obliquely refer are two I've never
> published. They happened TO ME, as opposed to the one you know, at which I
> was merely a huddled, terrified observer.
> No, the two most interesting SHUT THE FUCK UP OR I'LL KILL YOU!!
> stories of my own personal experience remain shrouded in silence. But, as I
> suggested, you can always go over to Joe Straczynski's gabfest and tell him
> Harlan sent you. I haven't busted Joe's chops soundly since the last time
> we had dinner, all four of us, and I sorta miss the pleasant hiss of steam
> coming outta his ears.
> Yr. pal, Harlan"
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Keith again:
> So, if you are kindly disposed to recall the tale in question, I'm sure all
> will be amused. If you post it here, I'll copy and paste it over on
> Webderland, verbatim.
> Thanks for your consideration. And thanks for B5.
> -Keith Cramer

The problem is...just to tell it *verbally* takes nearly 20 minutes,
it's not something you can sum up in a few paragraphs. It would be a
fifteen page essay, because it covered a lot of time and permutations.

So my suggestion is that somebody at a convention ask this, so it'll
get voice recorded, and can be made available for anyone who wants to
transcribe it or upload the mp3.


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