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 Subject: Free Black T-Shirt
    Date: 12/6/2005 3:43:39 PM  

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Cafe Press has recently added the capability of doing black t-shirts,
but because the set-up costs are higher, we're only going to do one
every once in a while. So we were trying to decide what to make the
first one, quote-wise, and I thought...why not turn to the group mind?

So if you had to pick something that would look great on a t-shirt, was
short and to the point, would have at least some resonance to non-B5
folk (as "Understanding is not required" or "a kind word and a 2x4" can
be appreciated outside the family), and comes from a jms episode (just
to make life simpler)...what would you suggest?

Once a quote has been suggested, it's off the boards, so no others
should be made using it in this thread. We'll pick one of those for
this shirt, and the person who suggested it will get that shirt free.


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