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 Subject: Re: Babylon 5 Scripts Site Nearly Ready, And More!
    Date: 10/25/2005 6:18:09 PM  

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KoshN wrote:
> Ever consider writing the rest of the Crusade scripts and publishing
> them this way, maybe one season per book? You could even make Season 1
> the way you'd like to have done it (minus the TNT notes), *or* if
> that's too much work, just finish Season 1 using the 13 existing
> episodes as-is. The latter would only require 9 or 10 additional
> scripts (3 of which are already done, assuming you can get Fiona's
> "Value Judgements" into the set).
> That way, you can get around TNT and WB, and tell the story the way you
> want to tell it, and we fans can get the story and imagine it based
> upon what we got to see in the Crusade (i.e. visualizing those
> characters). It'd be almost as good as having it on TV.
> Hey, it's a way for you to tell the story, and a way for us fans to
> read it, and they can't stop you from selling your scripts, right?

Actually, they could...writing new material would require a license
from WB. Existing scripts are a different matter. Also, I wouldn't
write scripts unless I knew they were going to be produced, otherwise
there's no point to the script format, prose is better for that...but
again, that would require a license, and I don't think WB would go with

BTW, I mis-spoke myself in an earlier note...I meant to say that volume
15 has the alternate "Sky Full of Stars" script, not "Midnight on the
Firing Line." I had a senior moment....


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