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 Subject: JMS Babylon 5 scripts to be published
      To: rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe  
    Date: 10/21/2005 4:52:52 PM  

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Apologies for jumping in, but since there's a lot of overlap between
comics and media fans, and since both sides are often interested in how
scripts are written, I figured I should mention this over here as well,
to wit...

All of the scripts that I wrote for Babylon 5 are about to be published
in book form. The volumes are going to be huge, containing 7 scripts
per volume, with a lengthy (40 pages or so) intro and commentary on
writing and producing the episodes, plus some photographs from my
personal archive.

There will be 14 volumes, with volumes 1 and 14 containing 5 scripts
and one of the B5 TV movie scripts each. The first one contains the
original script of "The Gathering" that was used to *sell* the show,
but which was later massively rewritten and changed so that it's a very
different script, never before seen, while volume 14 contains the
script for "In the Beginning."

There will be a 15th volume made available free to those who buy the
other 14, containing the production draft of "The Gathering," the lost
"Soul Hunter" scripts, an alternate "Sky Full of Stars" script, the B5
bible, and the original 5 year outline written when Sinclair was still
tied to the full five year arc, never seen before by anyone.

Around next weekend, the website will go online
and taking orders. Right now there's a place-holder page for people to
sign up for email alerts (because they're going to make the books
available at ten bucks less the first weeks or so each volume goes up,
which should happen roughly every couple of weeks, so it's useful to
know when they appear).

Apologies again for the intrusion and the commercialism, but I figured
some folks might want to know.


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