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 Subject: Re: JMS: Re: Babylon 5 Universe Novels?
    Date: 10/19/2005 4:10:13 PM  

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Andrew Swallow wrote:

> As a scriptwriter and/or producer are you getting residues for each DVD
> sold?
> Getting paid 3 times for the same piece of work is rare. Some times you
> just have to get a bigger second payment.

As a scriptwriter, my residuals is tied to the WGA's formula for
residuals off DVDs and VHS tapes...which were thrown away a long time
ago, before the market broke...meaning that I get zero off the sales of
the DVDs as a writer.

As a producer, my revenue from the DVDs is tied to the overall profit
of the show, which is still showing $50 million in the red (thanks to
creative accounting), so I get zero off the sales of the DVDs as a

As a small potted plant, I get even less.

So to answer your, I get nothing off the DVDs. At all.

Even if I were, to engage someone's services to perform a job of work
for you is what it is, and you're doing a different job. You don't say
to a carpenter, "Listen, I paid you to make this chair for me, and now
I want you to make a cabinet for me, for free, since I paid you for the

But in any's a moot point. I've never received a dime off
the DVDs and likely never will.


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