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 Subject: Re: JMS/B5 cited by Javi in Lost/Fury dust up
    Date: 10/2/2005 8:24:00 PM  

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Mark wrote:
> "consider "babylon 5," probably the most arc-dependent sci-fi show ever
> made. i simply cant believe that j. michael straczynski always intended
> for the departure (be it voluntary or involuntary) of his series lead,
> michael ohare - at the end of the first season - to be part of his long-
> standing arc.
> "the loss of a lead actor is a cataclysmic event in any series. in the case
> of b5, it required a major reorganization of the story which resulted in a
> big new element of mythology. even the most regimented series in the genre
> - a self-proclaimed "novel for television" - had to adjust and change in
> the face of unforeseen contingency."
> Not to mention the whole Season 5/Claudia Christian/trashed notes incident
> - Mark

It's a straw man argument in that I've never said that was my plan from
the very git-go of the show. I've always said it's something that came
up toward the end of the first season.


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