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 Subject: Re: ATTNN: JMS Marvel Editorial Confrence
    Date: 9/26/2005 11:41:06 PM  

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No Thread wrote:
> Jms
> I heard you were at a marvel editorial confrence this past week how did
> it go? Anything exciting happen?

Yes, and many exciting things happened. But then the police were
called, four chalk body outlines appeared on the floor of a local pub,
restraining orders were filed, denials made, alibis concocted,
attorneys hired, cats soothed, and goats offered to Ba'al, a process
which began when Mark Millar told an extremely inebriated fan to walk
(well, stagger) up to me and ask, " do you think of
bacon?" in order to determine whether or not I was Jewish. (To which
the answer is in the negative.)

Thereupon much hilarity and fisticuffs ensued.

And that is all I plan to say of the situation. The rest is best told
in confidence to a grand jury.

But while I'm here...and to change subjects...some folks have asked
when my new short story will be appearing in Dark Dimensions. The
magazine's website now has info available at:

Als, to those who have inquired about the B5 scripts website
(, which will be going live in October, the reason
that folks can log in their email addresses is so that they can be
notified not just when the site goes on line, but when each new volume
is introduced. Since the plan is to knock ten bucks off each book for
the first week or so it's made available, this will help make sure that
nobody misses that window.

End of commercial.

I have to go now and bail Mark Millar out of jail.



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