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 Subject: Re: an update from jms
    Date: 9/15/2005 1:14:20 AM  

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> While we're on this subject of scripts, I apologize if this has been
> addressed before, but... Any chance of also doing the 'Crusade' scripts at
> some point, including the "Unmade" episodes a few of us were fortunate
> enough to read on the late, lamented

Should these first volumes go as planned, then we will look to release
more down the road, including "Crusade."

The site has now gone up, at least insofar as it now has a page there
where folks can sign in their email addresses in order to be notified
when it goes fuly online. It's both and

It would be great if all the folks seeing this could pass along the
word to the various other websites and newsgroups where Our People are
still hanging out, to get the word out...though the funny thing is that
when the sign-up page went up for 30 seconds just for a test, 5 people
signed in within 30 seconds....


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