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 Subject: Re: an update from jms
    Date: 9/12/2005 8:22:02 PM  

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Andrew Swallow wrote:
> wrote:
> [snip]
> >
> > The very first book will have the Gathering script, plus 5 additional
> > scripts (to make up the 7 hours of material) BUT...and this is the cool
> > part...the script of the Gathering included in this volume will be one
> >
> > See, when we went to sell Babylon 5, I wrote a pilot screenplay to take
> > around. When we made the deal, the notes process began...and the
> > script went through considerable changes. But this is the ORIGINAL
> > draft, the one only seen by the studio and the other producers on the
> > show.
> >
> > What's different? How about Garibaldi trying to get hold of his dying
> > father back on about a shape-shifter instead of a Minbari
> > assassin with a changeling net...Londo as a part-time pick-pocket...Dr.
> > Chakri Mendak instead of Dr. scenes between Lyta and Laurel,
> > Delenn and others that were later cut...a LOT more character scenes
> > with Sinclair and Garibaldi...a discovery about Delenn's lifestone and
> > what that means to the Minbari...where Sinclair is NOT put on trial,
> > but finds a whole different and more interesting way to solve the
> > mystery of Kosh's assailant...and the introduction of Kosh's life-mate,
> > Velana, who plays a very important role in the script. (Didn't know
> > Vorlons had life-mates, did you?)
> >
> > This script is HUGELY different from the one we filmed -- funnier in
> > places, with more character moments -- and it has been kept under lock
> > and key all this time. Now, for the first time, it will be officially
> > released in the first volume of this set.
> What are the rules about the actors doing the deleted scenes at conventions?


One thing...just to reinforce, these are just my own scripts. Under
the WGA Separation of Rights provision, I own the copies of my own
scripts but not those of other writers. So I can only do this with my
own; going out and making separate deals with everybody else would be a
major pain in the butt just given the logistics.


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