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 Subject: Re: Auction Mania Phase IV
    Date: 5/22/2005 7:11:14 PM  

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Jan wrote:

> I've wondered something about the SiL episode ever since the DVDs
came out. In
> the expanded scenes, Ivanova packs her briefcase, the camera pans
over to her
> memorabilia and she takes the fighting pike off the wall, walks away,
then comes
> back for her helmet, then leaves. From that, it seems that she's
decided that
> she's not coming back but that's before Delenn offers her the job as
head of the
> Rangers. The interesting thing is that it's *not* described in the
script at
> all. In the script, that scene ends when she picks up the message.
> Naturally, since the writer/Exec. Producer was also the Director for
this one,
> the scene might have been expanded any time. I just wonder what
Susan (via JMS)
> might have been planning to do if Delenn hadn't made her the offer.
> Jan

Those scenes are put together, when they shouldn't have been, and are
out of context. Basically, those two shots were bagged during the
shoot and meant for the very end, under Ivanova's narration, where she
picks up the pike, walks off, waits...then comes back and gets her
helmet as well.


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