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 Subject: Re: from jms: too damned much stuff
    Date: 5/14/2005 4:48:38 PM  

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Paul Harper wrote:
> On Sat, 14 May 2005 21:56:05 +0000 (UTC), wrote:
> >
> >Ali Hopkins wrote:
> >> <> wrote in message
> >>
> >> You *had* a lot of fans over here. I suspect you may have just
> >alienated and
> >> lost a fair few, and I include myself in that.
> >>
> >Are you saying the class system/attitude doesn't exist?
> It exists far less here than there. I have been to New York and
> witnessed the appalling inequalities there first hand. It's a
> full-blown caste system that makes the Indian system pale to
> insignificance.

Peter, we have to be able to agree on language, or we can't have a
conversation. You are crossing the lines on two different discussions:
racial prejudice and a class system, which tends to operate within a
homogeneous culture or ethnic group. And the British system is riddled
with this kind of class-ist influence...from the schools attended, the
regions lived in, the grammar, the school tie....

I mean, c'mon...a culture where one's class can be defined instantly by
whether the person greeting you says "hello" "hullo" or "hallo" isn't
class oriented?

> >Or that it was rude of me to point it out?
> "You're not making sense. Even for a Brit" has bugger-all to do with
> any so-called class system and everything to do with prejudice.

Right, this is why the only place I've ever considered living in
outside the States is Great Britain. I've been painfully up-front
about the American foibles and blindnesses and prejudices, so this
isn't anything of the kind.

> And yes, I would go so far as to say racial prejudice.
> >Because the former has been chronicled for decades by writers and
> >social scientists and commentators...many of them also British, by
> >by.
> There goes the Victorian imagery again. We have electricity these
> days, you know.
> Paul.
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