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 Subject: Re: ATTN: JMS: The Siegels' Suit over Superman
    Date: 3/5/2005 4:13:31 PM  

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"As a creator, a comics writer, and as a Superman fan, what's your take
on the case?"

There's the law and there's what's right, and sometimes they're on the
same side of the table, and sometimes they ain't. When S&S signed with
DC, the terms were what they were...and they got bupkis. But since
then Superman has become so massive a commodity that sharing some of
that with the folks who created it is the fair and right thing to do.

In terms of the present suit, I don't know all the details, so take my
opinion with a grain of salt...but as I understand it, the suit isn't
over Superman but rather over Superboy, that when he was created (to
keep a lock on all things Super) a different rights deal was made that
has now, in their view, expired, and they want a different piece of the
pie. At least, that's my understanding of it, but I haven't read the

But in general, I always stand foursquare for those who created
something getting a fair share of one might well expect.


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