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    From: (jms at b5)
 Subject: Re: JMS Interview at fanboyplanet.
      To: rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe  
    Date: 10/18/2004 4:39:23 PM  

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Y'know what I love? I love it when people start going for comparisons, because
you know that's when the argument has effectively degenerated to the point of
being over. "When so-and-so did X it's just as if he was doing Y!" where Y is
always defined in terms easier to attack than X.

For discussing whether or not Gwen, a college-aged woman, would
have consensual sex with an older, more charismatic business man, a big
corporate guy, tphile says:

>Is it possible that Batman could be a pedophile or a murderer?
>Could Mother Teresa be a thief, hooker

The first batch of which are criminal, degraded acts, the latter of which are
of dubious morality but also patently illegal.

So you are equating a woman of legal age choosing to have sex out of marriage
with criminal acts of degradation, with murder and pedophillia and the like.

Have you considered counseling? I hear it can help with this sort of thing.

And something else, while I'm at it.

Here is everybody stomping on Gwen for having sex when she was in-and-out of
relationships with Peter.

What about Peter and the Black Cat? He has apparently gone horizontal with her
while he was on-and-off with MJ...does the same rule not apply to him?

I don't remember anybody calling Peter a whore, a tramp and a slut...or
comparing his actions to murder and the like

Why's that, I wonder?

Could it be because he's a guy, and those who are most upset at Gwen are guys,
and it's okay if a guy does it but NOT okay if a gal does it?

If you're going to compare, then compare apples to apples, not apples to

What if Batman had a fling with Catwoman? (Which some argue he did.)

What if Superman at some point in the past had a fling with Wonder Woman?
(Which some argue he did.)

What if Spider-Man had a fling with Black Cat? (Which looks like he did.)

Why is it that only when a WOMAN does this do some guy fans go berserk?

No, wait, never mind, that's's a guy thing.

Because if it's NOT a case of double standards, show me the usenet threads and
web sites that called Peter a whore, a tramp and a slut (or the guy equivalents
of those) for messing with the Black Cat while he was on-and-off involved with


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