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    From: (jms at b5)
 Subject: Re: thirdspace commentary: where's jms?
    Date: 9/8/2004 3:35:24 AM  

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>so i started into the commentary on thirdspace last night - only got 20
>minutes in before i got interrupted, but i noticed that whereas the
>booklet claims jms is on the commentary, the on-screen menu doesn't
>mention him. grumble, mostly cuz i really appreciate what jms has to say
>about his shows - director and cast commentaries are generally less
>interesting. i haven't yet done the commentaries for RoS and aCtA - is he
>on them, as advertised?

I opted out of ThirdSpace because it was just one more than I felt I could's hard to pull these things off, and exhausting, and in any event it's
good to let the cast get in on these things, so no, there was one I didn't do,
which is probably for the good overall. A little of me goes a long way....


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