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    From: (jms at b5)
 Subject: Re: TO: JMS, WHEREVER YOU MAY BE....
    Date: 8/3/2004 6:14:34 PM  

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>1. When will Season 2 of "Jeremiah" be released on DVD? We don't have
>Showtime, and we've watched Season 1 Dvds ad infinitum.

I've no idea, it's an MGM decision, and they have not consulted or informed me
concerning any of the DVDs.

>2. Does the recent death of Richard Biggs mean that the B5:MoS project
>has been cancel(l)ed or postponed?

It's resulted in a slowdown to make changes and adjust things.

>3. Will the remaining eight episodes already filmed of "Jeremiah"
>constitute Season 3 or part of Season 2?

They were filmed as season 2, how Showtime chooses to market them is their


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