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    From: (jms at b5)
 Subject: from jms
    Date: 4/29/2004 6:56:23 PM  

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I know I've been absent for a while now, but there are reasons, especially in
regards to B5:TMoS. In a project of this nature, and this size, there's stage
one (let's do this) stage two (let's make everybody's deal) and stage three
(making it). We're hip-deep in stage two just now, and it's taking a freaking
long amount of time to get through it all. Stage two is also the most
unnerving and nerve-wracking stage when there's a lot of money involved, as
there is in this situation.

So every day is a case of "Are we there yet?" and being told yes...almost.

I swear, it's the kind of thing that could lead a monk to murder.

Thing of it is...there's a LOT happening right now in the B5 universe, on a
multitude of fronts, some of it in response to TMoS, some of it coming up
completely on its own. All I can say at this moment is that if you've been
waiting for new stuff in the B5 universe, you may be getting your wish in
spades very soon.

Soon, I promise, all will be made clear. I don't like being Mr. Mysterioso on
this, but if I say too much, the-powers-that-be will use my head to make a
2.35:1 sized hole in the wall.

On other fronts....

Ibooks/Simon and Schuster just delivered the final production galleys on
Straczynski Unplugged (originally called JMS Unplugged, which I recommended
over Straczynski Unplugged because I couldn't imagine anyone Asking For It By
Name without blowing out an incisor or two, but who listens to me). It
includes some stories from my Twilight Zone anthology, plus "Say Hello, Mister
Quigley," "Cold Type," "We Killed Them in the Ratings" and "The Salvation of
Lyman Terrell," which have appeared in various publications but have never been
gathered together before in one book, plus a new introduction. I think it
should be hitting stores sometime in the coming month.

Ibooks/Simon and Schuster are going to be putting together a whole line of JMS
books, including a shared universe series of novels and other stuff...more when
I can talk about it.

For those who've been considering getting into the Supreme Power series, Marvel
published a graphic novel containing the first 6 issues last month (it ended up
at #3 out of the top 100 titles). It's a good jumping-on point for the series,
which I'm eminently proud of. (I know, a dangling participle, what can I say?)

I'm doing two other books for Marvel, one of which I think they should be able
to announce soon. The other is the Dream Police book, which I brought over
from Top Cow. Mike Deodato is doing the art, and it's just beautiful. (Mike
is also doing the art on Amazing Spider-Man during John Romita Jr's leave of
absence, and it's very nice indeed.) The first scripts are in on both the new
project, and for the Doc Strange miniseries, and artists have been selected,
but it's up to Marvel to release that info.

Finally...for those who want to support a worthy cause...recently I heard about
a high school in Hawthorne, New Jersey (not far from Paterson, where I was
born) which was having a small comic convention to raise funds for its art
program. The high school arts program for the coming year had to be cut
entirely due to lack of funds, to the point where this past year people
literally had to scrounge in junk yards for wire for sculpture classes.

Initially, I was going to just donate to the cause, but the more I looked into
this, the more it became clear that I had to kind of do something. So I'm
going to be flying out for the day to be at the fund-raiser convention for the
school. (I know, I know...I pass all the big conventions that pay big bucks
and I do this instead...I'm not wired up right, I admit it, but...sometimes you
just gotta do what's right, you know?) It's not an alma mater for me or
anything, but in hailing from Paterson (also Newark and Matawan) when I was a
kid I probably got in fights with kids from Hawthorne, so I figure I owe
something, right?

I got my real start as a writer in high school, through teachers who saw in me
something more than a kid from the streets. Those teachers -- specifically
Rochelle Terry and Joanne Massie at Chula Vista High -- gave me the support I
needed to start following my dreams, so it's a crucial time for others as well,
a time that needs our support, particularly at a time when so many schools are
suffering from similar cuts.

The convention is May 8th, Saturday, and I'll be there to talk, answer
questions, and sign autographs. Now, we usually try to limit signatures to 5
or so per person, but I'm taking the cap off...and in another break with
tradition, in which I never ask for a fee to sign stuff, this time I'll be
charging one buck per autograph, with all of the money going to the high
school. So for those of you in the area with twenty copies of various comics
or books or whatever...this is your chance to stock up. There will also be an
auction to further help raise funds.

Details about the fund-raiser and the other fine guests can be found at:

This is the first appearance I've made at any kind of East Coast convention in
years, and the first time I've been in New Jersey in over 30 years, so there's
no way to know how long it'll be before I get into town again. And admission
is only $3, so how can you go wrong?

It's a worthy cause. So if you're in the vicinity, stop by, step up, and do
some good.

If you can't make it, and can't help, check into your local schools and see if
they need help. Because odds are they do.


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