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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Jerry Doyle hopeful of B5 revival
    Date: 9/2/2003 4:07:00 PM  

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>Do you have any idea where anyone would have gotten the idea that
>Crusade was supposedly going to be merely a continuation of the stories
>of the B5 characters? Or is this something that's "just growed," like
>Topsy, from the irresponsible dropping of vague and unfounded comments
>by certain actors in interviews?

It's unfathomable to me. I think people just had a tendency to assume this
would be the case. Or they saw a certain character and resented it, wondering
"why can't that be me?" to the point where it becomes "that was SUPPOSED to be

> He was convinced that Bruce was
>supposed to captain the Excalibur (never mind that Sheridan was no
>longer an Earthforce captain by this point, but president of the
>Interstellar Alliance), but that you and he had had a "falling out" over
>his "being fired suddenly after five years," and so you quickly rewrote
>the role as Gideon instead. I tried to point out to him that no one was
>fired -- the show _ended_ -- and that the show was only ever _supposed_
>to run for five years, and that all of the actors knew that going in.
>He was sure he had the scoop on some conspiracy that I was just too much
>of a slavishly devoted fangirl to see. :-p

Okay, let me put the absolute and total lie to this right now.

I've just gone back into my files and dragged out the ORIGINAL TREATMENT for
Crusade, the one written while B5 was still in production, BEFORE "A Call to
Arms" was ever filmed. The treatment, which was available to WB, Doug, John,
and department keys and I know some cast members got their hands on it, was
dated 6/16/98 (that date is still on the file datestamp).

I quote from a latter part of the treatment, where the characters are
introduced. There are some little variances here and there -- one in
particular that I think will surprise some people -- but this was what was
written at that time...the very first time I put ANYthing down on paper about
Cruade for WB.

One small caveat: I used the terms "infrequently or not at all" primarily
because WB was desperate to make sure that this show was different from B5, so
the "not at all" part was a nod to that, but the "infrequently" was my planned
opening to use the characters from time to time, which was already in the works
when the show was pulled.

Quote follows:


Whether it begins within BABYLON 5 or outside, the CRUSADE pilot movie will
start with the Drakh attack, and end with the revelation about the plague.
It's important to see this happen in current time, rather than hear about it
after the fact. We need to see first-hand what's at stake, and how we got

As a result, the pilot will introduce not only our characters, but the full
situation and setup for the series to come. Because of the attack and
counter-attacks, it will be primarily action-oriented. The focus is not on
diplomacy, or negotiations...the focus is nothing less than the very survival
of our species, and the acts of heroism that result when our characters stand
against terrible and overwhelming odds.

As head of the Rangers, Delenn and Captain John Sheridan give the fleet its
mission, and take part in the pilot movie.

After that, once the battle is over and the fleet is on its way, they will
appear either infrequently or not at all. CRUSADE will stand on its own,
except for possible TNT movie cross-overs.

Let's meet our characters.

CAPTAIN MATTHEW DRAKE, Captain of the Excalibur, the high-tech flagship of the
White Star fleet of ships. (The fleet divides into teams to help increase the
odds of finding a cure; when they find a possible lead, they call in the
Excalibur, wait until it arrives, then they move on to the next destination
while the Excalibur does its work.) In his 30s, dark, brooding, attractive,
he's a fighter whose own Earthforce ship was destroyed during the initial war
with the Drakh. (It wasn't his fault, as we will learn; he was up against
impossible odds and barely managed to save his crew at great risk to himself.)

Personally assigned to the Excalibur by Sheridan, this mission represents his
chance to redeem himself. Hard-headed and practical, a man of action who
doesn't believe in the mysticism practiced by the Minbari and the Rangers; if
he can't feel it or taste it, it doesn't exist. A loner whose harsh exterior
covers a heart that has been wounded too many times, and now refuses to let
anyone near him.

MARCUS COLE, a Ranger established on Babylon 5 during its third and fourth
seasons. Energetic, bright, literary, with a poetic quote always at hand when
it's needed, and a pike or a PPG rifle when force is needed. Trained equally
in martial arts and philosophy. A dashing, romantic figure noted for a
that belies something much deeper beneath.


We had to change Drake to Gideon because of a clearance problem, and obviously
the Claudia situation threw a monkey wrench into using the character of Markus,
as originally planned.


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