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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Writer's you simply can't stand
      To: rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe  
    Date: 8/3/2003 11:13:00 PM  

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>>> JMS, who I find boring and pretentious.
>>Careful. He's so boring he's hanging around here.
>So does Erik Larsen, and I a) don't particularly care what either
>think of my opinions and b) doubt they think much of my opinions

Not at all. Not in the least respect. I did some checking around, got your
main handle of, and found your website at and your fan fiction, and whatever you may
think to the contrary, I feel you're *profoundly* qualified to talk about
boring and pretentious writing. Indeed, you may be one of our nation's
foremost experts in this area, so please don't underestimate yourself in the
future. (Some might venture that the handle, Pime Eternal, alone would qualify
you for such status, but I think they sell you short since at most it is
pretentious, *maybe* boring. I think we owe it to your expertise to use a much
higher standard.)

Suffice to say that if they ever offer degree plans in this area, I will be
happy to add my name as a sponsor should you decide to pursue a PhD.

Ever your pal,


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